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The islands of French Polynesia are a selection of volcanic islands and atolls strewn across the eastern South Pacific. These islands have allured, inspired and enamored visitors since the time the islands were first discovered. Visiting these islands is a special experience. The lure of these islands is not only due to the hospitable Polynesian people, and their spectacularly beautiful islands. There is real ambiance here - from the warmth of the air, scented heavily with tropical flowers through to fiery romantic sunsets that signal the end of another fabulous Tahitian day. Although most of today's visitors arrive by scheduled airline flights - from all over the world - the Tahitian welcome is still very much the same, warm, friendly, and genuine.

“French Polynesia and her beautiful islands are like Heaven on Earth.  I was in awe of the turquoise lagoons, beautiful sun kissed beaches and the vibrant Tahitian culture.  Swimming with black tip and lemon sharks was an exhilarating experience I will always remember.  Tahiti is a true paradise.“

Kemi - South Pacific Specialist

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