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An idyllic island paradise.

Tahiti isn’t your typical beach paradise- instead of white sands it’s got tall, looming mountains, black-sand beaches, lagoons, and a landscape that seems almost out of a movie, as does the abundance of marine life and unique Tahitian fauna. Alongside the Jurassic Park-esque environment is a rich culture, which is shared with Travelers at the many museums on the island. You can also head down to the Municipal Market and enter a plaza bustling with Polynesian craft, food, art, clothing and more to take home and remind you of the truly unique visit. The island is also home to famous surfing competitions, and if you’re prepared to give it a crack yourself then you simply must check out the breaks on the island.  If you’re looking for a place to kickback on the beach with a drink, and head out for a tropical safari the very next day, then Tahiti is the destination for you.  


These are popular activities to do in Tahiti. We can help you choose.

Boat Tour: Take a boat tour to the Teahupoo break- and if you’re in the area at the right time, you can check out some of the best surfers around, at the many surfing events held there. The landscape enclosing the break is truly beautiful, and if you’re looking for a chance to kick back with a drink and snap some pics while you’re ferried around a stunning part of the island.


Paofai Gardens: Whether you’re looking for a relaxing Sunday stroll or a brisk jog, you simply have to do so in the Paofai Gardens. In the Gardens is a playground for the kids, enclosed by an abundance of plant life. It’s the perfect place for a picnic after a tour of the nearby shops in Papeete.

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The Water Gardens of Vaipahi: Like the Paofai Gardens the Water Gardens of Vaipah are great for a walk- but these particular gardens are equipped with a more diverse collection of native flora, a must-see for any travelers with an interest in botany.


Museum of Tahiti and the Islands: Learn of the history of Taihiti and establish a strong understanding of Polynesian history, culture, and ecology at the Museum of Tahiti and the Islands. Check out the artifacts on display, equipped with information panels outlining their story. With a local guide through the facility- you can take your understanding to the next level if you please.

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ATV Tour: Hit the gas and soar your way across Tahiti on a thrilling ATV tour of the island. You and your friends will get their own ATV or 4WD and head off-road for a guided expedition of Tahiti, making stops at landmarks for your guide to provide you with info regarding each point of interest. If you’re looking for a chance to make your way around the island with the added enjoyment of an ATV, this is the tour for you.


Municipal Market: Head down to the Municipal Markets and make your way through the bustling square, filled with stalls offering local farm products, handicrafts, souvenirs, and a whole lot of fish. Pick up some nifty Polynesian jewelry art or clothing and grab a bite to eat at the place where people come from all over the island to sell their craft.


Safari: Take a guided safari of the entirety of Tahiti as a local tour guide navigates you and your group through all the famous parts of the island, and provides you with the history of Tahiti, and some insight into local ecology.  Take pit stops to stretch your legs and grab a bite to eat at the local’s favorite cafes as you venture your way through the iconic island.


Robert WAN Pearl Museum: Visit the Robert WAN Pearl Museum and learn of the history and legends of pearls and their influence in local culture and civilization, as well as around the world. See the production process behind the staple jewelry pieces with an in-depth tour and check out the largest Tahitian cultured pearl in existence on display. Come the end of the tour you will be fully qualified to choose your own pearls if you wish to purchase some.

Tahiti pearl necklace

Scuba and Snorkeling: Take a boat out to sea and check out the marine life of French Polynesia up close with a scuba diving tour or snorkel tour if heading down deep in full gear isn’t your thing. Either way, you’ll be able to check out some stunning marine wildlife.

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A Tahitian Dream


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