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Travel is an experience investment, the right itinerary matters.


With owners born and bred in Australia and New Zealand you can be assured we know what we are talking about when we offer South Pacific travel advice.  We take great pleasure in creating tailored adventures for our clients wanting to visit our homelands. To ensure our itinerary recommendations are the best they can be, we regularly visit home to work with travel partners.  It's a cliche to say we love our jobs, but the reality is that we live to travel and explore and it's our pleasure to help people visit the South Pacific.    

Who are DUJ

Complimentary itineraries
We do NOT charge booking fees

We do it all!

We can book your land, air, cruise, accommodation and activities.

Customized itineraries

Each complimentary itinerary is tailor made to suit your budget, travel dates and interests.

Travel specialists

We are a team of Kiwi's and Aussies helping clients experience our homelands for 30+ years.

Why Book With Us


We have the best jobs, no doubt about it!



I was born in Adelaide, Australia.  I have been selling travel for over 30 years.  Being from Australia when I moved to the USA, selling travel to my homeland was a simple choice. I had the knowledge to help others experience the place I grew up in and visited on so many occasions.

What is your travel history?

I have traveled the world since I was 17 years of age, continuously, so there are not that many places yet I have not been, travel opens up your eyes, I would rather spend money on travel than on personal effects.


Favorite travel memories?

Small boat cruising in Croatia, awesome adventure.  Africa viewing the wildlife, being able to sit and watch a hungry male lion and it’s family feed at a waterhole.

Mandy Buttenshaw

What “must pack items” do you always take on a trip?

I always travel with phone and laptop, but then I always work whilst I am travelling.  I like to keep in touch with my clients if they need me and my biggest hate is packing a suitcase.

You can follow Mandy on her adventures here:


Instagram @aussie_global_traveler


I am New Zealander now based in the USA.  I needed to book a trip and a friend of mine recommended Mandy at Downunder Journeys. Fast forward to today, well over a decade later and I’m now working with Mandy. I still use Mandy to book my trips!

What is your travel history?

While we have moved for work relocations to Australia, Thailand and the USA we have had many opportunities to experience life and cultures where we live and on our travels.  We often pack up the family and head off on holidays to new places either in the country we are living or overseas, also back home to NZ and Australia to see family and friends.  There’s many places we’ve been but so many more to see. We favor cold places with mountains as we love to hike. ​​


Favorite travel memories?

I'd say our trip to Nepal.  We went when our kids were 5 and 9 and hiked up to Poon Hill in the Annapurna region.  We had low expectations of the kid’s ability to walk uphill for days so we arranged for sherpa’s to help walk/carry/lug them up the mountain. Embarrassingly our kids were a lot taller and bigger than the sherpa’s. 

What “must pack items” do you always take on a trip?

Stretchy pants, sneakers, my iPad, a backpack, camera, sunscreen, sunglasses and snacks. My iPhone! Packing light is always my goal but I like to be prepared for most things so it's a fine line between packing exactly what I need and too much.


You can follow Koren on her adventures here:

Instagram @korens.kaptures


I met Mandy in 2009 on a group trip to Australia and from then on I have had a passion for travel and made it a part of my future career. I joined the team to pursue my passion and help others experience the same beauty and excitement that started my travel dreams. 

What is your travel history?

I first traveled internationally when I was 13 years old and have not stopped since. I have loved learning about different cultures, trying new foods, and having new experiences in beautiful places. I have not been everywhere yet but I continue to explore and learn of new amazing places. 


Favorite travel memories?

  •     Walking with young lions in Africa and horse back riding with zebra and giraffe. 

  •     My husband and I going on our honeymoon to Italy and staying on the coast of Sorrento

  •     Scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef 

What “must pack items” do you always take on a trip?

 My must pack items are snacks since I never like to get hungry and my reusable water bottle to fill up wherever I go.

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