Vacations are fun! And so too is the planning of a vacation. Contemplating and planning your overseas vacation are the first exciting steps you take towards one of the best experiences and memories of your life, and we at Downunder Journeys sincerely appreciate the opportunity to assist in this process.

Downunder Journeys is represented by an incredibly knowledgeable & energetic staff with a Premier Aussie Specialist on staff and quite a few Kiwi Specialists.  We focus our expertise solely on Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, The Cook Islands, & Tahiti.

We are a family owned and operated company with 30+ years of combined experience in the travel industry, and the South Pacific Region in particular. We strive to offer well priced and unique travel experiences through custom planning practices that are specific to each client's interests.

Downunder Journeys custom designs dream vacations to some of the most exotic, rejuvenating and exciting places on earth. We are not just a  “travel agent” and our travelers are people who don’t want to simply “go on vacation.” Our travelers are adventurous, romantic and individual, and so are their excursions and we are the travel experts that can help them get there. They seek an authentic experience, want the road less traveled yet want to see it all and want a travel company who will do all of this, plus provide value for money. It’s our job to fulfill all those needs.

We can (and do) plan just about any type of trip you can imagine. Whether you want to snorkel the crystal clear waters in The Cook Islands and Fiji, sea kayak your way through Fiordland National Park in New Zealand, scuba dive the most distinctive spots of the 185,000 square mile Great Barrier Reef, or relax at some of the most iconic beaches in the world, we at Downunder Journeys will make it our goal to exceed your expectations. And while we specialize in vacations that emphasize an active style of travel, we also promote the idea that each trip should provide the type of R & R we have all come to expect from an exciting journey overseas. Explore, and enjoy, these wonderful destinations with our help at Downunder Journeys.

Downunder Journeys is a strategic partners with some of the most recognized organizations specializing in travel to the South Pacific. We continually visit the South Pacific Region to inspect hotels, participate in sightseeing, meet the locals, and discover new destinations, all to ensure that we know the most about this region in order to better serve you, our clients.

We are commonly asked how we make money by providing this service, well our revenue stems from our partnership with hotels, sightseeing providers, cruses, airlines etc.  Based on the volume of people we send to them, airlines will offer us the best deals that may be hard to beat by looking online or even on the airlines own websites.   Unlike a traditional travel agency, we do not charge you a fee, because our relationships give us buying power and it's these savings we pass on to you.


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