"We are a team of travel lovers helping people like you discover our homelands."


Our Story

With owners born and bred in Australia and New Zealand you can be assured we know what we are talking about when we offer South Pacific travel advice.  We take great pleasure in creating tailored adventures for our clients wanting to visit our homelands. To ensure our itinerary recommendations are the best they can be we regularly visit home to work with travel partners.  It's a cliche to say we love our jobs, but the reality is that we live to travel and explore and it's our pleasure to help people visit the South Pacific.        

Our Mission and Travel Philosophy

We are not just a “travel agent” and our travelers don’t want off-the-shelf travel packages.  They are adventurous, romantic and individual, and so are their excursions. They seek authentic experiences to suit their travel style and a travel company who will provide great service and value for money. It’s our goal to fulfill all those needs.


Complimentary itineraries
We do NOT charge booking fees

We do it all!

We can book your land, air, cruise, accommodation and activities.

Customized itineraries

Each complimentary itinerary is tailor made to suit your budget, travel dates and interests.

Travel specialists

We are a team of Kiwi's and Aussies helping clients experience our homelands for 30+ years.


Is this you? "I've never used a travel agent before." "I usually do my own bookings."

We provide concierge travel services.

When you book a flight or hotel reservation through an online-only provider, you are just a number and on your own as soon as you complete that reservation.  With our services we strive to meet your every travel need, from the first moment you contact us until you are safely back home after your trip.  


There is no waiting on hold for the next operator, the person you start your trip with remains your point of contact throughout the entire booking process.  We have contacts on the ground in each of the countries you visit to support you and you will always have your professional travel advisor just a phone call away.

Our travel specialists have destination specific knowledge and experience.

​Like any professional advisor we are constantly researching and experiencing the best travel opportunities, keeping up with travel industry changes and trends.  We are absolute experts in Australia, New Zealand, and South Pacific travel. We’ve been designing travel itineraries for clients since 1987 and in 2003 Downunder Journeys was created.   When you work with Downunder Journeys, you get the firsthand knowledge of our entire team.  There aren't many places we have not been, we use this knowledge to help plan and create your unforgettable trip. Downunder Journeys is owned and operated by NZ and Aussie locals, you can't get any better insider info than that.  

Here is an example where we can help you.  Most people get a little overwhelmed when planning a trip to Australia, it’s as large as the USA and trying to fit multiple destinations in your two weeks of travel is challenging, that’s where we come into play. With our knowledge we can help you choose the best places to travel, get you there according to your budget and create a custom itinerary for you.  You can just kick back and enjoy your trip instead of worrying about the details as we will have already done that for you.  

We aim to make your trip planning as stress free as possible.

​It is time consuming creating a trip itinerary and executing it.  Depending on how complicated your trip is there are many components that need to work together to create a complete trip.  These can include but not be limited to visas, travel permits, various forms of transport, multiple accommodation requirements, activities, tours, food and entertainment.  Maybe your trip is just for you, your family or perhaps is a small or large group?  Organizing all of this can be an intimidating task. 

Our travel agents make the trip planning process stress free.  It is faster and more efficient because we work to ensure all aspects of your itinerary are customized to your requirements.  Our local knowledge and travel experience is invaluable during this process and takes the pressure off the trip organizer.

Booking through us provides you with value for money.

​Downunder Journeys brings you destination expertise, hotel rates and airfares at great rates, all-in-one package deals and exclusive specials and promotions. Our professional travel advisors have access to the same (and often better) pricing than what you can find online and secure special perks such as free room upgrades, daily breakfast and other benefits you may not find on your own.

Peace of mind during your trip.

​Sometimes things go wrong while on a trip.  For example your flight is cancelled, or someone in your party is sick, you've missed your connection, or lost your luggage.  Our preferred partners go above and beyond to take care of you, our clients.  We have a local contact in every country we send our clients too, so you will always have someone in country and you are given a cell phone number for Downunder Journeys.  We are there for you every step of the way.  Knowing that every aspect of your trip has been meticulously planned and expertly coordinated gives you peace of mind. You’ll receive a detailed itinerary for your trip, and all you have to do is show up at the place and time listed.



We have the best jobs, no doubt about it!



I was born in Adelaide, Australia.  I have been selling travel for over 30 years.  Being from Australia when I moved to the USA, selling travel to my homeland was a simple choice. I had the knowledge to help others experience the place I grew up in and visited on so many occasions.

What is your travel history?

I have traveled the world since I was 17 years of age, continuously, so there are not that many places yet I have not been, travel opens up your eyes, I would rather spend money on travel than on personal effects.


Favorite travel memories?

Small boat cruising in Croatia, awesome adventure.  Africa viewing the wildlife, being able to sit and watch a hungry male lion and it’s family feed at a waterhole.

Mandy Buttenshaw

What “must pack items” do you always take on a trip?

I always travel with phone and laptop, but then I always work whilst I am travelling.  I like to keep in touch with my clients if they need me and my biggest hate is packing a suitcase.

What is the worst tour/activity experience you've ever had?

Having my car broken into in Puerto Rico and stealing stuff from our car.  Was doing a bioluminescent kayaking tour and we had a few things on us we didn’t want to take on tour.  Didn’t want to leave in the car, but didn’t really have a choice as didn’t want any of it wet either.  Gut instinct said don’t do it, but we did and come back an hour later to smashed windows, everything stolen.  It was the trip from hell with delayed flights, no Wi-Fi in apartment, bags didn’t arrive.  So trust your gut instinct sometimes, it may save you a lot of grief.


Do you have a travel wish not yet granted, and why is it a travel wish?

​Want to go to the Maldives and stay for a week in an over water hut. Just love the look of this places, it’s pretty pricey so will do it for a big birthday year.

You can follow Mandy on her adventures here:


Instagram @aussie_global_traveler


I am New Zealander now based in the USA.  I needed to book a trip and a friend of mine recommended Mandy at Downunder Journeys. Fast forward to today, well over a decade later and I’m now working with Mandy. I still use Mandy to book my trips!

What is your travel history?

While we have moved for work relocations to Australia, Thailand and the USA we have had many opportunities to experience life and cultures where we live and on our travels.  We often pack up the family and head off on holidays to new places either in the country we are living or overseas, also back home to NZ and Australia to see family and friends.  There’s many places we’ve been but so many more to see. We favor cold places with mountains as we love to hike. ​​


Favorite travel memories?

I'd say our trip to Nepal.  We went when our kids were 5 and 9 and hiked up to Poon Hill in the Annapurna region.  We had low expectations of the kid’s ability to walk uphill for days so we arranged for sherpa’s to help walk/carry/lug them up the mountain.   Embarrassingly our kids were a lot taller and bigger than the sherpa’s. 

What “must pack items” do you always take on a trip?

Stretchy pants, sneakers, my iPad, a backpack, camera, sunscreen, sunglasses and snacks. My iPhone! Packing light is always my goal but I like to be prepared for most things so it's a fine line between packing exactly what I need and too much.

What is the worst tour/activity experience you've ever had?

We went on a wildlife safari in Thailand in the bush and all we saw was a tethered goat outside someones house.

Do you have a travel wish not yet granted, and why is it a travel wish?

I would love to go to the Galapagos islands and experience the scenery and wildlife.  I know it's an amazing experience because my friends are still going on about their trip from years ago.

You can follow Koren on her adventures here:

Instagram @kiwi_global_adventures



I'm originally from Texas but have lived in the Seattle area for the last 18 years. The Pacific Northwest is gorgeous but I’ll always be a Texas girl at heart.  I have been working my way through my travel bucket list, my latest loves being Western Australian and European River Cruising.

What is your travel history?

I’ve been a travel agent for over 25 years and have been primarily concentrating on Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Fiji and the Cook Islands as a South Pacific wholesaler. I’ve traveled throughout the European and North American continents including Alaska and Hawaii. Cruises to the Caribbean, Mexico and Bermuda. Cruising is an easy way to see the world!


Favorite travel memories?

​​There have been many. Growing up, I’d also been told of my Irish heritage. So, I planned a trip to Ireland for my husband, daughter and myself. A week before we departed, I found out that we are actually Scottish. Nevertheless, our Irish driving holiday was indeed very special and Scotland is now very high on my bucket list.

What “must pack items” do you always take on a trip?

​E-bags! I have five different colors to keep myself organized. I’ve had trips where I needed business attire, winter coat and swimwear all in one suitcase!

What is the worst tour/activity experience you've ever had?

Once in Greece, we spent a glorious week holiday in Santorini in a villa overlooking the on the Aegean Sea.  I never wanted to leave but next we were off to the island of Mykonos.  What I didn’t realize is that Mykonos is a meca for Europeans on holiday.  The beautiful turquoise beaches were difficult to see through all the speedos!  Basically, I felt I had traded the home of famous sunsets and blue domed churches for mass confusion!  Here is where I learned to always save the best for last! 

Do you have a travel wish not yet granted, and why is it a travel wish?

I have not yet been to Africa but would like to start with South Africa.  First, I’d like to visit Capetown’s Table mountain and Johannesburg’s Apartheid museum.  Then, off to a 3 or 4 guided day tour Krueger Private Reserves for Big 5 game viewing, Sabi Sands for leopard sightings and end my trip in Stellenbosch for some great South African wine. 


I met Mandy in 2009 on a group trip to Australia and from then on I have had a passion for travel and made it a part of my future career. I joined the team to pursue my passion and help others experience the same beauty and excitement that started my travel dreams. 

What is your travel history?

I first traveled internationally when I was 13 years old and have not stopped since. I have loved learning about different cultures, trying new foods, and having new experiences in beautiful places. I have not been everywhere yet but I continue to explore and learn of new amazing places. 


Favorite travel memories?

  •     Walking with young lions in Africa and horse back riding with zebra and giraffe. 

  •     My husband and I going on our honeymoon to Italy and staying on the coast of Sorrento

  •     Scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef 

What “must pack items” do you always take on a trip?

 My must pack items are snacks since I never like to get hungry and my reusable water bottle to fill up wherever I go. 


What is the worst tour/activity experience you've ever had?

I feel very fortunate that I have not found a tour or activity I didn't like. While traveling in Europe over the summer, we did experience extreme heat waves that made it difficult to do activities during the day. Although I can't control the weather, I have learned the importance of picking the right location and the right time of year to maximize your time there. 

Do you have a travel wish not yet granted, and why is it a travel wish?

I wish to cruise the world. It's a big time and money commitment but it's on the bucket list and hopefully in our future