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Natures playground waiting to be explored.

Moorea is lathered in paper white sand complimented by the clear turquoise water, dense jungle, and towering mountains. It truly is a tropical paradise. Snorkeling spots are plentiful, and with a guide you too can explore every inch of the island for the marine life that inhabits its waters, especially at Moorea’s very own Lagoonarium where you can see some of the most sought after species in French Polynesia. For a fun day out, ATV and Jetski’s are popular day activities, and come the night you can kick back at a beach restaurant for some quality seafood. Through the dense forests are a variety of enticing bush walks that will take you past some of the most breathtaking lookouts, perfect for photos. If you’re looking for a location equipped with perfect beaches, endless activities, and a rich culture, you won’t be disappointed.


These are popular activities to do in Moorea. We can help you choose.

Scuba and Snorkeling Tour: Take a Snorkeling Tour through Moorea and explore the locals’ favorite marine life hotspots. Check out the luscious coral reefs and their abundance of amazing fish. If you’ve never snorkeled before, the guides will help you out and ensure that you have the best experience possible.


Magic Mountain: Hike your way up to the peak of Magic Mountain and check out the breathtaking view from up top! The 45-minute hike up the steep slope takes you through the tranquil landscape of Moorea and rewards you with a simply stunning 360 view at the top. You can walk your way up or visit the peak as a part of an ATV Tour.


Belvedere Lookout: This lookout peers into the gorgeous Opunohu Valley and Cook Bay, which was also the setting in the famous film “Return of the Bounty”! The smooth road to the top ensures a calm journey up- so make sure you head to the lookout in the morning for a beautiful backdrop of sun-drenched rocks and jungle.


Lagoonarium: Take a boat out to a small island and check out the Lagoonarium! An Aquarium within the sea, blessed with thousands of species of fish and coral. Put your belongings in a beach hut and head out to the exhibits which you view from within the water! Each section is closed off by ropes in the water, which you can hang onto to watch the feedings without having to swim. Black-tip reef sharks and sting rays are some of the many species you can swim with at the Lagoonarium. 


Temae Beach: Drive out to Temae beach for tranquil water perfect for swimming, as well as beautiful scenery. The sand is paper white, and the waters are gorgeously blue and clear. It’s the perfect place to kick back and relax with a book or drink and get some sun.

Temae Beach

Tiki Village Cultural Centre: Experience the traditions of an old Tahitian village with an engaging show outlining the practices of the Tiki Village, including weaving, painting, and stone carving. The show also includes exciting live dancing performances, and who knows, you might find yourself dancing along with them!

Floral head dress

ATV or 4WD Tour: Hop on an ATV with your friends and family and hit the gas as you snake your way through the dense jungles and across beaches on your very own ATV. This high velocity tour will provide you with insight into the island’s history and ecology from your tour guide, with the addition of a thrilling ride- it’s a great combination.


Route des Ananas: Hop in your rental and drive along the Route des Ananas and stop at the breathtaking sea views of the turquoise water, pineapple fields, dense forests, and towering mountains! This route is often part of an island tour, so book a tour and with your tour guide you will learn of the practices of the locals on this very scenic drive and get some awesome photo opportunities.

Route des Ananas

Waterskiing and Jetskiing: If you love the thrill of an ATV and want to take that excitement to the water, then look no further and rent a water-ski or jet ski with lessons to ensure by the end of your trip you can gracefully and effortlessly glide across the clear blue waters of Moorea!



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