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One of the most beautiful atolls in French Polynesia.

Come to Fakareva and enjoy stunning stretches of white sand and clear blue water- it’s simply a beach paradise. A trip here is a breath of fresh air and it has an aura of tranquility as you enjoy the breathtaking coastal landscape and variety of activities available. Traverse the atoll at high speed on an ATV, or soar across the waves on a speed boat, or charter a boat out to one of the hot diving spots bustling with diverse marine life and coral formations straight out of the movies. Divers come from far and wide to hit these spots- and with a guided tour you can head out to these same sought-after locations for a one of a kind underwater experience. For a perfect setting, top notch diving, and bustling culture, Fakarava is a must-visit.


These are popular activities to do in Fakarava. We can help you choose.

O2 Fakarava: Visit the UNESCO protected diving area equipped with breathtaking coral landscapes and bustling marine life. After a short briefing with your instructor, you and your small group will be fully qualified to traverse the underwater paradise. Make sure to bring a waterproof bag or go pro to capture this awesome experience.

Diving with Fish

Fakarava Beach: Walk along the long stretch of beach fringed with stunning clear waters at Fakarava Beach. On your stroll check out the washed-up coral, the friendly nurse sharks in the shallow waters, or rent a bike and enjoy the coastal breeze as you circle the circumference of the beach. How you choose to enjoy this little cove of tranquility is up to you.

Fakarava Beach

Fakarava Excursions: Take a guided boat tour and learn about the fascinating history and culture of the area. You’ll be taken around the best picture spots in Fakarava, with catered food, a comfy cruise, and friendly crew, a trip out with Fakarava Excursions is a must-do.

Tropical island beach

Fakarava Adventure: Choose from the many exhilarating modes of transport about Fakarava, be it ATV, boat, or Waverunner. Hit the gas on an ATV and traverse Fakarava, stopping at points of interest and photo opportunities, learning of local ecology and culture along the way. For a fun, high-speed adventure about the region take a trip down to Fakarava Adventure.


The Fakalanta Trip: The Fakalanta Trip is a one of a kind adventure in French Polynesia. You’ll spend the first night at local accommodation, then take a boat out to the coast where you’ll visit coral reefs surrounding a tiny island, on which you can hike, fish, and more. The trip will take you to some of the most breathtaking secluded spots in the region, for you to enjoy with your friends and family.

Kayaking into Sunset

Fakarava Divelodge: Take a speedboat out to some of the hottest snorkeling spots in Fakarava, where you can snorkel and check out the bustling marine life and coral landscapes in the clear blue waters. The boat will also take you around some local villages and lagoons with guided commentary, so you get the added adventure of exploring the area.  


Havaiki Pearls: Tour the Havaiki facility and learn of the industry behind the pearls the west knows and loves. Your tour guide will explain the process behind the cultivation of black pearls and come the end of the tour you can participate in a pearl lottery and have a shot at winning a pearl prize!

Tahiti pearls
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