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Fiji's 333 islands and atolls are the epitome of a South Pacific paradise, with sunshine, palm-lined beaches and sparkling lagoons fringed with coral reefs. Situated 2100km north of Auckland, New Zealand, Fiji has become a major crossroads for both shipping and air travel across the Pacific, and boasts one of the region’s best visitor infrastructures. 

"I have loved Fiji from the first time I went there over 25 years ago; you travel there because you want that laid back vacation; you see the pictures and the beauty of the islands, the pristine beaches, the colorful sea life, sunshine, and just pure relaxation.  As you will learn if you travel to Fiji, you will return home with much more than that.  The people of Fiji with their embracing smile, their infectious laugh and the love they have for their country, it brings a new lease on life; the people are what Fiji is all about.  You will always want to return to visit these amazing people and their beautiful country."

Mandy - Owner/Director Downunder Journeys

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