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How does it all work?



Call us on 1800-409-8496

Please leave a message with your name and callback number and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Chat with us online while you are on our web page. Leave a chat message.


Fill in the form on our contact page

Email us



  • We contact you, ask you a few questions to find out the information we need to make a booking that works for you. It's good to be able to talk to clients on the phone and find out everything they need for their trip.

  • For peace of mind we can put you in touch with some of our clients that are more than happy to vouch for our services.  


  • After our initial contact Downunder Journeys will then put an itinerary together for you, based on the information you provided us.  We send this to you with a costing proposal. We do not charge a fee for creating your itineraries.

  • We welcome your feedback about what you like, what you don’t like, and what to change. We continue to work with you until the trip feels just right to you. 


  • When you are ready to book, you will pay for your airfares and a deposit up front and we will request all of your land arrangements.

  • We then get everything confirmed. There may be a need to substitute hotels or sights due to availability, but we will keep you informed during the booking process. Once everything is booked for you we will send you a confirmation.

  • We will then offer you travel insurance and we can help you with any Visas needed for travel.  We strongly recommend you get travel insurance for your trip.

  • 60 days before travel we will collect final payment from you and process your Travel Documents.

  • 30 days prior we send you a set of Travel Documents, which will include a complete itinerary containing confirmations, addresses and phone numbers. We also include full descriptions and helpful hints along the way, voucher information for all things booked with us, airline ticket confirmations and insurance if we have taken care of these for you.


  • If there are any problems regarding your departure flights we will assist you.  

  • We are only an email or phone call away for all of our travelers while they travel, we also have partner offices in each country we work with, which means you will always have a local contact who can assist you with anything booked on your behalf. This means you have full trip support for the duration of your trip.

FAQ's on the booking process can be found here.

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