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Believed to be the starting point for Polynesian migrations.

Raiatea, like most of French Polynesia, is a tropical paradise, and is the second largest Society Island. Steep mountains and reefy lagoons span the landscape, with nature occupying most of the island. Raiatea also houses the Taputaputea Marae- arguably one of the most significant Polynesian temples. While you’re here, you can soar across waves onboard a jetski, explore the bustling marine scene on a snorkeling tour, head out onto the water with a fishing charter, and much more. If you’re looking for an opportunity to learn of French Polynesian culture and have a good time out on the water then Raiatea is the destination for you.


These are popular activities to do in Raiatea. We can help you choose.

Taputaputea Marae: Visit this historical landmark with a guide and learn of the fascinating Polynesian Culture behind this esteemed excavation site. If you’re looking to get more out of your experience, it is recommended by visitors to read up on the Marae before arriving to ensure you appreciate its significance as there aren’t any informational panels at the site.

Taputaputea Marea

Fishing Charters & Tours: Head out to the fishing hotspots of Raiatea with a guided fishing tour and have a crack at catching one of the many species thriving beneath the water surface. Learn the ropes of fishing and come the end of your tour you’ll be fully qualified to fish the rest of French Polynesia on your own.

Fishing Instruction

Scuba and Snorkeling: Explore the marine wonderland of Raiatea with a guided fishing tour where you can get up close and personal with some of the most exotic aquatic creatures in French Polynesia. Bring a phone in a waterproof bag and make sure to snap some pics of these incredible creatures on your tour.

Underwater Photography

Waterski and Jetski: Soar across the waves onboard a water-ski or Jetski and experience the thrill of the exhilarating ride. Take the time with a mentor to learn, or head straight out onto the water if you’re no stranger to extreme water sports and have a great time either way.


Boat Tour: Kick back and relax onboard with a Boat Tour of Raiatea. With a catered lunch and drinks and informative guide you’ll be sure to enjoy the comfort of the vessel and the education of the tour. Come the end of your day trip you’ll be a certified expert on French Polynesia and the significance of Raiatea.

Sunset boat tour

Arhurahu Marae: Visit the two famous replicas of Tahitian Statues surrounded by black lava rock and lush green forest at the Arhurahu Marae. Visit the site on your own or stop by at it on an inclusive tour of Raiatea.

Arhurahu marae
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