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Home of The Wanaka Tree

Wanaka is one of the most beautiful places in all New Zealand, with its famous Lake Wanaka and breathtaking snow capped mountains, the scenery breathtaking. Head into the cozy town and make your way through the quality local food and breweries or head up the mountains for a day of skiing. You’ll find plenty of tranquil bush walks to suit all activity levels.  Head up Mount Iron or Roy’s Peak to get amazing views of the landscape that envelopes the town.  You’ll also find the Wanaka Tree on the waterfront and many other places to take stunning photos.  It is also home to several unique and thrilling museums such as Puzzling World, or the Toy and Transport Museum.


These are popular activities to do in Wanaka. We can help you choose.

National Transport and Toy Museum: Enjoy all the nostalgia from your childhood days and a massive collection of cars, trucks, trains, and planes with a trip down to the National Transport and Toy Museum. Learn the story behind some of the biggest names in toys such as LEGO or Barbie, and checkout the vintage vehicles on display. The museum will keep you and your friends and family hooked four hours.

Vintage Car

Puzzling World: Have you ever tried to make your way through a maze? Have you ever been shocked by an optical-illusion or stumped by a puzzle? Whether you have or not, a trip down to Puzzling world is a must-do if you’re in Wanaka. With an optical illusion gallery, a giant maze, and puzzle center where you can have a crack at some of the world’s hardest puzzles, Puzzling World truly is a unique experience.

Complicated Puzzle

Warbirds and Wheels: Visit Warbirds and Wheels and check out the huge collection of Warbirds aircraft, as well as the extensive privately-owned classic car collection. Equipped with a gift shop and a retro, 1950s café, Warbirds and Wheels makes for a quality museum.


Lake Wanaka: The clear water of Lake Wanaka sits in front of a breathtaking snowcapped mountain backdrop. In the summer the lake makes for a beautiful swimming and kayaking spot. The lake houses a variety of activities, such as a boat tour around the lake- which provides you with one of a kind photography opportunity. Take a trip down to Lake Wanaka for some of the most stunning landscapes New Zealand offers.

Lake Wanaka

Roy’s Peak Track: If you're prepared to put in the work for a gorgeous view from up top then the Roy’s Peak Track walk is for you. Depending on your walking ability the track could take a couple hours to a half day- results may vary! Head up early in the morning to see the mountains coated in the warm light of the rising sun.

Roy Peak

Skydive: If you’re going to plummet through the air, you might as well do so over a beautiful kiwi landscape. Take a plane up high and get your adrenaline fix while you soar over one of the lakes, the Southern Alps, or Mount Cook- the choice is yours.

Tandem Skydive

Canyoning: Enjoy the thrill of rock-climbing with the safety of an experienced team as you make your way up a waterfall. At Deep Canyon in Wanaka, you can climb your way up segments of the rock then cross rope bridges to the next climbing point, checking out the view from up high on your way between stations. Book a day-trip with Deep Canyon for a literally breathtaking experience.


Mount Aspiring National Park:  With a view rivaling that of the European Alps, Norway, and Iceland, the Mount Aspiring National Park is a must-see for anyone in Wanaka. Packed full of walking trails, the park is the perfect place for those looking for a tranquil and beautiful day out.

Mt Aspiring

Cardrona Alpine Resort: Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran, the Cardrona Ski Fields truly are some of the best places to ski in the world. Take the bus up the hill and head out for a day of powdery white snow and good times. The Resort offers a variety of top tier lessons for all skill levels, so you can hone your skills, or you can head straight out onto the snow if you’re eager to ski or board. If you didn’t bring your gear, there are also rentals available.

Ski Lift
Milford Sound


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