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Known as the Garden Island. 

Visit the garden island of Fiji, lain with dense forest, palms, and fauna, it truly is a tropical paradise. Head into the island and get lost in the green, or head out to the coast for truly breathtaking views of the ocean upon white and black sand beaches. Take a boat tour out onto the water and explore the hidden beauty of the island under the water, with its diverse marine life and bustling coral reefs. Explore the countless waterfalls, the island’s very own natural water slide, or head out for a culinary adventure at the Gaiatree Sanctuary.  


These are popular activities to do in Taveuni. We can help you choose.

Tavenui Ocean Sports: For the ultimate diving experience, book a day out with Tavenui Ocean Sports. Your experienced crew will ensure you have the most exhilarating day out in the water, instructing you on how to use diving equipment and directing you to the marine life hotspots. Enter the marine paradise of Tavenui the right way with Tavenui Ocean Sports.

Scuba divers

Bouma National Heritage Park:  Within Bouma National Heritage Park are brilliant swimming and hiking opportunities, perfect for a day out in the wild. Work up a sweat exploring the dense jungle then hop into the cool water to chill out and recover for the trek home. Bouma is also home to the tagimoucia flower found exclusively at this park.

Bouma National Heritage Park

Tavoro Waterfalls: Follow the trail and enjoy a day out exploring the three famous Tavoro Waterfalls. Bring a packed lunch and rest at the breathtaking views of the second waterfall before you make your way up to the final one. Bring you camera or smartphone and be sure to snap some quality panoramas at the top!

Tovoro Waterfalls

Lavena Coastal Walk: Take a guided walk along the Southeastern coastline and enjoy its stunning lookout points, black sand beaches, and dense jungle. Walk the trail with friends and family or share the price of a 4WD and traverse the landscape from the comfort of a vehicle.

Coastal walk

Gaiatree Sanctuary: Visit Gaiatree sanctuary, the organic spice plantation, that’s mission is to serve you and your tour group with quality health food. Enjoy the breathtaking ocean views while you enjoy quality local cuisine.  


Waitavala Natural Rock Waterslide: Make your way up to the Waitavala Natural Rock Waterslide for an absolute blast out in the water in Nature. With a local tour guide you’ll be instructed on the safest river crossings, and the best way to enjoy the slide. Whether you decide to go alone or with a guide, you’re guaranteed to have a good time and have plenty of great photo opportunities.

Waitavala Natural Rock Waterslide

Sailing Fiji: Join the crew onboard the zippy catamaran “LOOPING” and enjoy a comfortable and dry tour of the region onboard one of the finest vessels in the area. Learn of the local ecology and environment from the comfort of the boat. Hop into the water with a snorkel for a breathtaking view of the coral reefs and marine life or observe from above, the choice is yours onboard LOOPING.

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