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New Zealand's largest lake.

Taupo is home to one of the most beautiful and largest lake in New Zealand. Lake Taupo is the size of Singapore and is beautifully complemented by the white-capped mountains in its backdrop. The area is peppered with exciting extreme sports, particularly the skydive which lets you view the entirety of the breathtaking area from up above. After a day out of heart-pumping adrenaline-rushing fun, you can kick back and relax at the thermal pools or at one of the many restaurants that offer some seriously good grub. Checkout the Maori Rock Carvings or Taupo Museum for some insight into local culture or take the Lava Glass Tour to see the art that comes out of Taupo, which is as stunning as its own landscape.


These are popular activities to do in Taupo. We can help you choose.

Great Lake Taupo: Walk, Bike, or Kayak your way about Lake Taupo, with its clear blue waters and refreshing cool breeze. The picturesque landscape is one of the most serene locations in the region and is surrounded with top tier restaurants to grab a bite to eat after your walk.


Aratiatia Rapids: Take one of the well-maintained trails up to the Aratiatia Rapids, where you can take pictures of the roaring rapids, with rushing water from the dam further upstream which is opened daily at 10, 12, and 2. Head up the trail earlier to one of these times and checkout the true untamed power of the river.

Huka River

Skydiving: Plummet through the air with the ultimate adrenaline rush. After a short safety briefing you’ll be fully qualified to soar your way through the skies. If you’re going to jump out of a plane might as well jump out over a beautiful slice of New Zealand. Make sure you bring a go pro to capture the fun and share with friends and family.

Tandem Skydive

Taupo Museum: Learn of the heritage and culture of Taupo with a trip to the Taupo Museum. On display are a variety of fascinating artifacts, including a winning garden from the Chelsea Garden show. Make your way through the exhibits and relive the history of the famous area and its European ties. With the information panels throughout the facility you’ll be a certified expert on Taupo by the time you leave.

Taupo museum

Waipahihi Botanical Gardens: For a breath of fresh air and escape from the city, take a walk through the Waipahihi Botanical Gardens. Follow the shaded walkways while you checkout the breathtaking fauna on display. It’s the perfect place to think while you enjoy some tranquility away from all worries and stress.

Waipahihi Botanical Gardens

Lava Glass: Watch glass blowers create stunning pieces of artwork in their own workshop. After the demonstration, you can make your way through the garden where they have their best pieces on display, or the gift shop where you can take a piece home with you.

Lava Glass

Speed Boat Tour: Soar your way across the waves onboard one of most exhilarating modes of transport in New Zealand- Jet Boat. With your tour guide you’ll get an audio commentary on some of the landmarks and points of interest in the area, and by the end of your day out you’ll be a fully qualified Taupo expert.  

Speed boat

Spa Thermal Park and Riverbank Recreational Service: Kick back and relax in the hot streams at the Spa Thermal Park. After a day out on the water, a sit in the hot bubbling waters makes for the ultimate detox and refresh for a night out in Taupo.

Thermal park

Maori Rock Carvings: Take a lake cruise and checkout the Maori Rock Carvings. On the tranquil waters you’ll get a chance to appreciate these works of art, with plenty of photo opportunities. If you choose to take a guide out there, you’ll learn of the fascinating story and culture behind the carvings.

Maori Rock Carvings


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