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Stunning natural beauty everywhere.

You won’t find a tropical paradise so packed full of super-special slivers of beach and lagoons like Rarotonga. This popular island has an endless supply of natural wonders, and famous local establishments such as the Te Vara Nui Village, or the Mutatu Brewery. Experience a warm welcome from the island’s locals as you leave any worries from home behind on the plane as you step into one of the most beautiful islands in the southern hemisphere.


These are popular activities to do in Rarotonga. We can help you choose.

Muri Lagoon: Muri is a stunning segment of the Rarotonga lagoon. It contains four mini islands, surrounded by the beautiful blue, clear water containing a vast variety of marine life. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, a large selection of Water-sports, and lagoon cruises, are accessible through Captain Tama’s Lagoon Cruises.


Mutatu Brewery: Tour the locally renowned Brewery with a guided tour with samples along the way of everybody’s favorite beach buddy- beer. The informative tour guides will provide an extensive and engaging explanation of the facility and how they make their beer at the Mutatu Brewery while you sip on their delicious craft.


Titikaveka Beach: Travelers speak highly of this sliver of beach, each one finding their own ‘secret’ snorkeling spots after kayaking, swimming, and walking every inch of Titikaveka. Come the summer, the white sands are washed over by lovely warm clear water, making the perfect spot to sit down, contemplate, and appreciate the Cook Islands.


Aroa Marine Reserve: Many claim it wouldn’t be possible to cram anymore sea life into this incredibly bustling reserve. Often claimed to be the best coral on the island, the Aroa Marine Reserve is an absolute must-see for anyone looking to swim above a blossoming underwater paradise.

Marine reserve

Te Vara Nui Village: At the center of the Cook Islands, the Te Vara Nui Village experience is a 3-event essential for travelers. The tour includes a 3-hour village tour with insight into the fascinating history of the locals, an Over-Water Night Show on floating platforms and first-class buffet to top it off. Set a day aside for the wonderful Te Vara Nui Village adventure.

Te Vara Nui Village performance

Deep Sea Fishing: You won’t find a team more dedicated to helping you catch that massive fish you’ve always dreamed of reeling onboard. Charter a fishing boat out to the stunning waters surrounding Rarotonga with a mission and a guided tour to back you up.





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Rarotonga beach


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