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An 8.08 mile long temperate maritime glacier.

Fox Glacier is the perfect destination for travelers looking for breathtaking nature, an abundance of bush walks and hiking trails, and plenty of outdoor activities. Skydive from above, explore on an expedition, or hike your way through the seemingly endless beauty of Fox Glacier. From its glow worm inhabited forests to its black sand beaches to its ice capped mountains- it truly is a natural wonder and one of the most breathtaking parts of New Zealand. 


These are popular activities to do in Fox Glacier. We can help you choose.

Skydive: If you’re going to plummet from a plane back to earth then you might as well do it over a literally breathtaking slice of New Zealand. Soar over the icy glaciers with adrenaline pumping through your veins with a tandem or solo skydive in Fox Glacier!

Tandem skydive

Fox Glacier Guiding: Make your way along a carefully selected Glacier expedition trail with a guided tour of the Fox Glacier. Scale the icy landscape with your friends, family, and experienced team as you snap pictures of the awesome formations and enjoy the entirety of the Fox Glacier knowing your safety is in good hands.

Fox Glacier

Glacier helicopters: Hop on board a helicopter and checkout Fox Glacier from above. The scenic tour will take you past all the points of interest and will make stops at the best lookout points and photo opportunities, so you can share the beauty of New Zealand with the family back home. Choose a tour duration most suitable for you for the best experience possible.

Glacier helicopter

Lake Matheson Walk: Lake Matheson is fringed with dense forest and is known for its famous mirror view of Mount Cook and Mount Tasman upon its clear waters. Dawn and Dusk make for the best walking times, so plan accordingly to see the best views and photo opportunities possible.

Lake Matheson

Fox Glacier Hiking Trails: Fox Glacier has an abundance of hiking trails accustomed to all levels of physical ability. Choose the track that sounds best to you and pack a picnic lunch to enjoy in the tranquility of the bush accompanied by a stunning backdrop of ice capped mountains and lakes. For a breath of fresh air and opportunity to get some exercise in one of the most beautiful parts of New Zealand be sure to make time for a hike in Fox Glacier.

Hiking trails

Minnehaha Walk: Come for a night hike along the Minnehaha walk, and have a great time trying to spot glow worms in the lush forest. The easy to navigate path is best explored with a flashlight just to ensure you don’t head off track.

Bush walk

Gillespies Beach: Gillespies Beach is home to five walks and a campsite. The short but sweet walks take you past the stoned beach, black sands and cool water. The unique coastal landscape makes for an interesting hike through the region and never fails to produce incredible photos.

Gillespies Beach
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