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The Edinburgh of New Zealand

Dunedin is New Zealand’s first city- and so it’s packed full of culture. With a multitude of museums to choose from you’ll set foot in Dunedin a newcomer and leave and expert on the settlers and lifestyle that came before us. It also houses two conservation projects, the Orokonui Ecosanctuary and the Penguin Place, which are efforts to help retain some of the indigenous species of New Zealand. Head out for the day on a bush walk then come back into town and eat at the famous Otago Farmer’s Market, which has an endless supply of good grub- or get a tour of the local brewery for some beer samples.


These are popular activities to do in Dunedin. We can help you choose.

Toitu Otago Settlers Museum: Learn the story of the settlers who shaped the first city of New Zealand, Dunedin, into what it is today.  The 14 sections detail how it all started, up to present day. Equipped with guided tours and information panels, you’ll learn plenty of information about the settlers, and by the end you’ll be a certified Dunedin expert.

Otago Settlers Museum

Olveston Historic Home: Learn about early 20th century life in New Zealand at the Olveston Historic Home. Snake your way through the 35 room mansion with a guided tour to learn about the characteristic architecture and lifestyle its inhabitants once had. After, you can walk through the gardens with views of the Otago Harbor.

Olveston Historic home

Orokonui Ecosanctuary: The Orokonui Ecosanctuary is the only section of native forest in the Southland Island where indigenous animals and plants can roam free without the threats of external factors. Walk through the sanctuary and spot the rare critters and fauna on display. They use the cost of your ticket to ensure the animals can continue being conserved. Take a trip down to the Ecosanctuary and enjoy the pinnacle of ecotourism on the South Island.

Orokonui Ecosanctury

Otago Museum: take a step back in time and learn of the history of the Otago area all the way from the Maori settlers to present day. It also houses the largest collection of moa skeletons in the world, as well as New Zealand’s largest fossil, the Shag Point plesiosaur.

Otago Museum

Tunnel Beach Track: If you’re looking for a tranquil walk and a breath of fresh air, then the Tunnel Beach Track walk is a must do. The moderate-difficulty walk takes you to a small secluded beach through a fascinating tunnel.

Tunnel Beach Track

Otago Farmer’s Market: Up to 75 vendors provide some of the best grub on the South Island at the Otago Farmer’s Market. Head down for a quality brunch or breakfast and choose from endless food options.

Organic Farmers Market

Aramoana Beach: Drive along the windy coast road and checkout the breathtaking landscape encapsulating it. After a 45-minute drive you’ll be at the Aramoana Beach, which is simply stunning with its untouched beauty. Snap pictures and walk across the beach for a peaceful morning or afternoon stroll.

Aramoana Beach

Dunedin Botanic Gardens:  Surround yourself with relaxing fauna while you walk through the Dunedin Botanic Gardens. Get a guided tour through the gardens which also passes by historic monuments and buildings with a detailed explanation on Dunedin’s history.

Botanic gardens

Speight’s Brewery: Help yourself to beer samples as you learn what goes into top tier craft at the Speight’s Brewery. With a guided tour you’ll be walked through the distillery and educated on how Speight’s takes the ingredients and turns them into the drink we all know and love. The groups are small to ensure plenty of beer samples for everyone as well as clear communication from the tour guide.

Pouring a Pint

Penguin Place:  Penguin Place is a conservation effort to protect the most endangered penguin in the world, the Yellow-Eyed Penguin. With a guided walking tour through the facility of trenches and coves you’ll be able to see the penguins whilst leaving them undisturbed, as well as learning the threats to the species and how Penguin Place helps the cause.



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