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Australia's tropical city.

Darwin is a stunning tropical city bustling with culture hotspots and a vast collection of natural terrains. Alongside the enticing natural aspects of the area is also an extensive Indigenous art scene and endless supply of street food and fine dining from many different countries. You won’t find a place quite like Darwin where you can go crocodile watching, enjoy famous Australian beaches, and then head back to town and visit a famous market packed full of food and art from all around the world. 


These are popular activities to do in Darwin. We can help you choose.

Mindil Beach Market: You won’t find such an internationally diverse collection of dining opportunities in Australia like the Mindil Beach Market. Ranging from Greek to Thai food, the market also houses an equally diverse collection of arts and crafts. Step into a sizzling culture den when you set foot into this one-of-a-kind market.

Seafood Takeaway

Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory: This eclectic museum absorbs works from all of Oceania and surrounding locations, with an extensive aboriginal art collection and works from places such as Vietnam, or Indonesia. Like the Beach Market, this gallery appreciates a multitude of different cultures, and is a must-see in Darwin.

Aboriginal artwork

Crocosaurus Cove: Get as close as is safely possible to 6 of the largest crocodiles in captivity at Crocosaurus Cove. Check them out from afar in the various aquarium displays or take a boat tour out to water with them. Not extreme enough for you? Get lowered into water in the Cage of Death, a clear cage that allows you to experience crocodiles with only a thin layer of clear plastic between you and their jaws.


Turtle Spotting: Take the “Turtle Tracks" tour, a trip out to the Bare Sand Island, where you will get a guided tour and explanation of the island’s history and come night witness turtles coming ashore to lay their eggs. 

Sea Turtle

The Outstation gallery: This gallery is home to an extensive collection of Aboriginal art. Delve into the history and culture of Indigenous Australia with a trip to the Outstation Gallery.

Aboriginal art

Darwin Ski Club: Head out for a day of waterskiing and a night of good food, views and beer at the relaxed, iconic Darwin Ski Club.

Water Skiing

Nature Tour: Darwin is packed full of different natural environments, from rivers to swamplands to beaches. Appropriately, there is a multitude of ways to explore every nook and cranny of this tropical city. Take a floatplane or helicopter tour across the rivers, or an ATV tour through the rocky terrain, or airboat through the crocodile inhabited wetlands. Either way, your preferred mode of exploration will be available.

Float plane

Boat tour around the Harbor: Kick back with a glass of champagne on one of the various boat and ship tours circling Darwin Harbour. The harbor offers many experiences, so whether you’re looking for a speedboat or a boat equipped with dining, you’re bound to find the outing for you.

Boat tour

Kakadu National Park: Explore the largest National Park in Australia, equipped with breathtaking landscapes, enticing bush walks, and an incredible array of iconic Australian wildlife.

Kakadu National Park

Heli fishing: The combination of the stunning views of Darwin from up above in a helicopter with the tranquility of a day out fishing makes for an incredible experience, and a must-do for fishing enthusiasts in the area.

Fishing Instruction


Coral reef fish


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