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Goal: Making sure our clients are informed, safe and booking smart future travel.

Destinations are open for travel but the travel environment is rapidly changing.  Here is what we are doing at Downunder Journeys to stay informed and help our clients.

  • Keeping up to date with travel updates, changes, COVID 19 quarantine requirements, airline rescheduling and other travel related issues. This includes keeping up with airline and hotel booking policy changes. 

  • Everyday we are advised of more changes in the travel industry and we make sure any clients effected by changes are notified and we adjust travel plans to cater for these changes. 

  • Discussing future travel plans with clients considering current COVID 19 restrictions for each destination.

  • Ensuring all bookings are as flexible as possible to increase travel confidence.  Clients need to know that they can change their plans with little or no penalty in these uncertain times.

  • Keeping up to date with future travel specials offered by airline, rental car companies and accommodation providers.

  • Ensuring clients have travel insurance to cover unforeseen travel disruptions.

If there ever was a time to use a travel advisor, it’s now.  The ever-changing travel industry is a mine field for travelers.  Get in touch to discuss future travel plans to give you confidence that your future travel bookings are flexible and safe. 

Downunder Journeys Travel Team

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