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Wild landscapes, wines, food, amazing history and creative arts.

If you’re looking for iconic Australian scenery, dense forest, and a landscape waiting to be explored, then look no further. Tasmania is gorgeous and is the perfect destination for those looking for a holiday filled with activity.  It’s home to the Gunns Plains Caves, Wineglass Bay, Franklin River, and many more natural wonders which you can visit. Take a guided tour of the caves and navigate through the eerie rock formations or hike up to the Wineglass lookout for a view of the bay or take a rafting tour down the Franklin River. There’s something for everyone here, provided it’s outside of course. Need a breath of fresh air outside and a one of a kind landscape? Tasmania’s got you covered. The area also houses many festivals, including food, drink, and music events. After your day out of festivities or activity, you can head back to town for a meal at one of the local restaurants who take the local produce and put out some serious dishes.


These are popular activities to do in Tasmania. We can help you choose.

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary: Established in 1981, Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary is Tasmania’s most popular Wildlife park. Here you can see species that are extent from the entirety of Tasmania- except at the park, including the Tassie Devil, Tasmania Bettong, Eastern Quoll, and Tasmanian Pademelon, alongside the iconic critters of Australia such as the wombat, kangaroo, and wallaby. If you’re looking for an outback safari, then the Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary is the visit for you.

Tasmanian Devil

Gordon River Cruise: Kick back on a comfortable boat as you and your group tour the entirety of the Gordon River, informed on the history of transit through the river on the way by your tour guide. Along the tour you will also disembark at special points such as Heritage Landing to head into the deep forest and to the boardwalk. Paired with a catered lunch, this river cruise is a great day trip and a must-do if you’re in Tasmania.

Gordon River

Freycinet National Park: Ask the staff to help you choose the perfect walking trail for you in this gorgeous national park. If you’re feeling brave- choose one of the more difficult hikes. Or, if you’re looking for a casual, tranquil stroll on some classic Australian terrain, then choose an easier walk. Either way, you’ll find the day-trip you’re looking for in Frecyinet National Park.

Freycinet National Park

National Automobile Museum of Tasmania: Head down to the National Automobile Museum of Tasmania for a look at a wonderfully presented collection of cars and motorcycles which refresh regularly, each visit is a different experience! Make to ask the staff about each car to learn their story and make the most out of your trip. A few hours down at the Automobile Museum makes for a great little trip with friends or family.

Vintage Car

Franklin River Nature Trail and Rafting: Down by the Franklin River you can take a forest-walk through the gorgeous forest or take a rafting trip down the river with a tour guide. The walk will take you past many fascinating species of mushroom of all colors and provide you with opportunities to spot some wild Aussie critters. If you take a rafting trip down the river, you’ll get a chance to learn all about the forest and its history, as well as a heart-thumping rafting experience.


Gunns Plains Caves: Grab a tour guide and head down into the Gunns Plains Caves to check out the spooky rock formations on the roof and floor of the cave. Learn about the geology and history behind these special caves with date back many years. For a unique underground experience, spend a few hours at the Gunns Plains Caves!


Beaconsfield Mine & Heritage Center: Relive the lives of the Beaconsfield miners at the Beaconsfield Mine and Heritage Center. Make your way through the exhibits, all the way to the replica of the underground facility, equipped with buttons, leavers, and tunnels. For an interactive and educating day out, take a trip to the museum!

Mine exhibit

Wineglass Bay Lookout Walk: The Wineglass Bay Lookout Walk rewards you with breathtaking views from the top after a moderate hike up. The walk is equipped with guidance to ensure all visitors have no problem navigating the way up. For some good exercise and stunning photo opportunities, this walking trail is a must-do.

Wineglass Bay Tasmania

Mawson’s Hut Replica Museum: This museum has replicas of the huts used by the men of the Australian Antarctic Expedition. With the informational panels on display you’ll learn the story of the voyage led by Dr Douglas Mawson in the early 20th century.


Port Arthur: Explore the Port Arthur Historic Site.  Feel the isolation and desperation felt by the convicts and discover the violent and grisly history.  Walk through the ruins and dark spooky corners. Take a guided walking tour and a harbor cruise. Stroll through the pretty historic village of Richmond, with Australia’s oldest bridge hand built by convicts.

Port Arthur

Hobart: Take a tour of Hobart. Learn about Hobart’s city, waterfront and suburb history, features and attractions, and the Tasmanian life style.  Hear stories about hard working convicts, explorers, entrepreneurs, villains and heroes of this convict built city.

Hobart waterfront

Wine and food tours: Tasmania is well known for it's rugged wilderness and scenic beauty but there's more to it than that.  The food and drink that is available is outstanding!  Make sure you try local delicacies such as oysters, scallops, trout, wine and beer.  There are tours available for cider, beer, whisky, wine, seafood, cheese and local produce. Tasmania's international culinary reputation is well deserved so enjoy it.

Vineyard dining


Cradle Mountain


Australian Wine & 

Wildlife Escape

Bay of Fires


Iconic Tasmania

Luxury Tour

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