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TAMPA 2023

School trip details

Payments are being received for the Georgetown Preparatory School trip to Tampa, 2023.

  • Travel dates are 10 - 19th June, 2022.

  • The trip price is $3575 per person.

  • All trip costs are non refundable from 22nd March, 2022 onwards.

  • Includes flights, accommodation, transportation, scheduled activities, and some meals.

  • Trip insurance is mandatory, and separate from the full trip cost. Insurance costs are dependent on the age of travelers.

  • Complete your booking form and submit directly to Danny Costello

Insurance details

  • Student insurance pricing is $

  • Adults 20 - 40 years is $

  • Adults 41 to 50 years is $

Online payments

Please use the following link to make payments towards your upcoming trip. You will be redirected to an external secure link managed by Repay.

Please advise if you have any problems using the online payment system.

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