A vacation filled with adventure travel will send you home with once-in-a-lifetime experiences under your belt, fascinating tales for your friends, and-believe it or not-more relaxed than your annual visit to Florida’s beaches.


If the word “adventure” is enough to exhaust you, bear in mind that you don’t have to put yourself in harm’s way to have fun. Nor do you have to be an olympian. You can spend a week on a pleasant bike trip through New Zealand’s countryside, check out snorkelling in Fiji, or a Camping Safari in Australia’s Outback. 


We have many adventurous vacations for you in the destinations we specialize in for both the curious and active traveler. Whether you want to stimulate your mind, your body, or both.


Outback adventure in Australia
Australia’s outback, sprawling, mostly uninhabited, and fabulously rugged, is one of the last frontiers of the modern age. The indigenous Aboriginal people have honored the ancient tradition of the walkabout as a signal of coming of age from youth to adulthood, spending up to a month on a solitary walk through this wild countryside.


What better adventure than to take your own walkabout across the Australian outback? Because so few people inhabit the area, it is left to the graces of nature, unspoiled by modern expansion. There are beautiful flowers, exotic birds, and plentiful wildlife, a combination that draws thousands of tourists every year.


You can choose between self-guided tours and group excursions…go for a few days or a few weeks…and choose from a variety of routes from a trek through the Australian Alps to a hike through the Red Center to a guided tour of Sydney’s beaches.


New Zealand Biking

Biking doesn't get any more epic than in New Zealand. Or more beautiful. On a bike, you're in the middle of it all. Ever-changing natural beauty through your sunglasses. Ocean mist in your face. Island-fresh air in your lungs to complement that bit of sweat on your brow. The sheep have it made here. This week, they aren't the only ones.


• Epic biking at its best in one of the world's greatest outdoor playgrounds

• Glaciers, rain forests and crashing ocean coastline

• Travel by train across the South Island

• Dramatic varied scenery, finishing in a Pinot-growing wine region

• Queenstown, the adventure capital of New Zealand


Tahiti with the Whales

Every year at the South Pole, as the austral winter settles in and ice forms, krill (the small shrimp whales feed upon) becomes scarcer, triggering the whales' great departure... This migration to warmer waters will last a month for an estimated 5 to 6 000 km. The humpback whales will spend 3 to 4 months there, during which the males will search for mates and gestating females will give birth The calm waters of Rurutu, part of the Austral Islands, appeal to certain whales in search of a tranquil environment. The mothers may stay there several weeks with their newborns before resuming their travel back to Antarctica. From mid-July to mid-October is the time to discover these sea giants on their unique and extraordinary journey.



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